The Lil' Temple of Sailor Astarte
Who is Sailor Astarte?
The Actress

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Sailor Astarte's main colors are dark red and yellow. I believe that the idea to give Astarte a dark red costume came from ancient Phoenician history, as you will read below.
After doing some research, I found out that the ancient Phoenicians are famous for trading the very important dye called Tyrian Purple, which were used by rich Greeks to color clothes. Tyrian Purple is a purple-red dye that came from the Murex sea-snail's shell. Well what does this have to do with Sailor Astarte you ask? Sailor Astarte is half Phoenician, and I'm pretty sure that this is the main color of Astarte, as it looks exactly like this color. But this is only my opinion, but I really think that "Tyrian Purple" is the name of the dark red color that Astarte is wearing.
I should point out that there is 3 color types of Tyrian Purple, Bright Tyrian purple, Medium tyrian purple (Astarte's color), and Tyrian purple known as Imperial purple. Tyrian purple is more accuratly described as having more of a red color in ancient history, like Astarte's. Tyrian purple is also known as Tyrian Red.
Her boots look like the boots of Sailor Moon, Mercury, and Pluto. Her boots are dark red like her skirt and collar. The top edges of the boots are gold. She also wears a yellow underskirt and has yellow elbow pads on her gloves. Her bow is the most interesting part, it's half yellow and half dark bronze! Or maybe it is a darker color of Tyrian Purple known as Imperial purple. I'm not sure yet, I cannot get a good look at the bow in the musical, But this is for her front bow only. Her back bow is all one color, dark bronze or Imperial purple. Her tiara jewel color is red, and her choker is dark red. She also has a string of pearls outlining her waist just above her skirt. Her sleeves are unusual, They are dark red with gold trim. Lastly, another unique feature of her fuku costume is the symbol in the middle of her bow and choker. It's a red circle with 4 yellow half spheres within it. You can see the detail clearly at the bottom picture. Hmmm, I wonder if it is a symbol for something. More research is needed again.
Isn't her costume neat!

The bow colors are inaccurate in this picture, they are suppose to be dark bronze not orange

This is the correct coloring of the front bow, half dark bronze and yellow

Like I said, maybe the top part of the bow is not a bronze color, but a dark purple called Imperial purple. Its a shiny bow, so its hard to tell what color it really is. But it is definitly not orange, so if you are cosplaying as Astarte, or doing fan art of Astarte, do not use orange, as it is obviously wrong. I've seen orange used a lot in fan art. It's best to pick a brown-maroon color.