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In the Sera Myu Transylvania no Mori musical, the songs featured are realesed on the Sailor Moon Memorial Album 9 Cd. Here are the name of the songs in Japanese and in English:


1 Overture (BGM)

2 Millenium - Koi no Senshi ja Irarenai "Millenium - Can't Stay as the Soldiers of Love"

3 Image de Mon Pere "Image of My Father"

4 Yumeyume Utagau Koto Nagare "Never Doubt Your Dreams"

5 Set Me Free - Euro, Wasurenai Natsuyasumi "Set Me Free ~ Euro - A Summer Vacation We Won't Forget"

6 Ankoku no Madonna "Madonna of the Dark"

7 All of You Shall Die

8 Kokoro Tabanete - Watchin' on the Sight "Bundle the Heart - Watchin' on the Sight"

9 Yumemiru Mori no Yume no Yume "Dream a Dream of a Dreaming Forest"

10 Here Comes the Tuxedo Mask

11 Kaikou - Ririsu to Asutarute "Chance Meeting - Lilith and Astarte"

12 Set Me Free - Hitomi Ha Sore He "Set Me Free - Eyes to the Sky"

13 Mitsumeteite yo "Keep Watching Me"

14 Guoul Guoul Guoula

15 Kosyuuki "Time of Lonely Mourning"

16 The Last Change

17 We'll Be the Last Victory

18 Fire

Bonus Tracks:

19 La Moon "The Moon" (One Chorus)

20 La Soldier "The Soldier" (One Chorus)